About Us

We are ready-to-sip premium cocktails premixed in Italy with carefully selected spirits and ingredients. We offer the best premium bar-quality cocktail experience.

At home or on the go, we're revolutionising cocktail culture to create memorable experiences to enjoy for everyone, anywhere with our attractive packaging and original taste.

After all, you deserve a premium bar experience right from the comfort of your home or wherever you want to be.

All you need is the right company and ice!

Top class mixology in only 3 steps.


Our beautiful packaging is designed to be easy: easy to open and easy to gift with over 25 different recipes


The upper right corner is dotted to show you where to open it


Into a tumbler with a large ice cube: two details for a truly high-end bar experience


Our Leading expert Mixologist is Patrick Pistolesi, owner of Drink Kong, ranked 16th in the World's 50 Best Bars. From the start he wanted to bring the art of mixology to NIO Cocktails. His extraordinary skill and iconic style are found in every cocktail and allow us to create a premium collection accessible to everyone.


We only use premium spirits produced by the most important distillers in the world. We have an exclusive, authentic partnership with them that allows us to create our exemplary cocktails. We are proud to display the brands we use on the back of our packaging. And importantly, our cocktails don’t contain any additives or preservatives. All our cocktails are mixed in Italy, an intrinsic guarantee of renowned tradition and craftsmanship known all over the world.


NIO Cocktails was the brainchild of ​​two Italian friends and our Made in Italy mixing is what distinguishes our unparalleled quality. We add the passion and savoir faire of Italian craftsmanship to each cocktail, putting the customer’s needs at the centre of our research. The taste experience, quality of ingredients and research make NIO Cocktails a perfect example of Italian excellence.


The planet has always been at the centre of our product packaging decisions. We wanted our packaging to be iconic and different, but also light and compact, so it can be easily transported resulting in lower emissions. We are also committed to using recyclable packaging, only FSC® certified paper from responsibly managed forests, recyclable packaging, and we are a carbon-neutral certified company. We believe in the principles of corporate, social and ecological responsibility. Our actions, products and services are based on a People-Planet-Profit approach.



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